Monday, 24 November 2014

Review / Primark's Felt Eyeliner Pen

I have never in my life been in love with a product as much as this one, espechially for the price! After another spontanious buy I am more than pleased with this eyeliner pen as I feel like it's easier to use than my other £10 products. Primark's Felt Eyeliner Pen only costs £1.50 which is very unbelieveable because it works like a dream, it is easy to go from a thin outline to your favourite bold cat wing. I strongly recommend this product for anyone and everyone, if you're just starting out using make-up then it is great because you don't have to spend your money on expensive items to see if you like it or not. Even if you are a massive make-up horder like myself then it is an amazing addition to your make-up bag, plus a complete bargain! I would definietly rate this a 10/10.

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