Sunday, 9 November 2014

Review / Primark's Eyebrow Pencil

Around a month ago I stumbled upon Primark’s Eyebrow Pencil and wondered if it would work for me, bearing in mind that it was only £1, I snatched it up while in the queue waiting to pay for my other purchase with hope that it would be the one for me.

I was excited to try it because the pencil it’s self was quite long plus the spoolie on the other end – Bonus! Unfortunately as soon as I applied it to fill in my eyebrows I noticed the thickness and clay-like texture it gave and I knew it wouldn’t be good for shading, I carried on to then find my eyebrows looking like slugs! Quickly I flipped it over and used the spoolie to brush out the product and hoped it would blend to give me a more natural look, but straight away I had an orange shadow around my eyebrow which meant I’d have to get my concealer back out to cover up the mess.

I have tried this product many ways and with other products as well, but nothing seemed to work. I find this product not very defining at all and just altogether made my eyebrows feel painted on and greasy. The fact that it was only £1 made me feel fine about giving up on a new purchase; I’d definitely say you get what you pay for. For those who read this and have this product, if it works for you then that is great and I envy you, it would be a life (and money) savour if this worked for me, but I think I will stick to my £10-£12 products!

Check out my video version of this review (tutorial included)

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