Sunday, 17 August 2014

Review / Body Shops 'Flawless Finish Collection' Instablur and BB Cream.

Hey guys, its me again!
For a while now I have owned Body Shop's 'Flawless Finish Collection' Instablur and BB Cream and I feel like it's time to review it for you all.

First of all lets talk about Instablur -  it comes in a white tube which is good for travelling, the substance is clear and jelly-like, it applies very smoothly and is great for your t-zone! It is very effective and it does a good job at blocking up any open pores.

Moving onto the BB Cream - Unfortunetly I can not say this gives a full coverage, but on the other hand it is great for those hot, sweaty days and if you have a minimal make-up policy (example: school or work). It comes out of the tube as a white liquid, but after applying it onto your face the liquid changes to match your skin tone. The BB Cream is available in different shades and I got mine in the shade 01.

Overall I think they are great products but personally I prefer a full coverage. I will infact keep the products for those hot, sunny days!

The Instablur is £14 -
The BB Cream is £12 -

Yet again I have also done a youtube video reviewing this products, check it out at -

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