Monday, 24 November 2014

Review / Primark's Felt Eyeliner Pen

I have never in my life been in love with a product as much as this one, espechially for the price! After another spontanious buy I am more than pleased with this eyeliner pen as I feel like it's easier to use than my other £10 products. Primark's Felt Eyeliner Pen only costs £1.50 which is very unbelieveable because it works like a dream, it is easy to go from a thin outline to your favourite bold cat wing. I strongly recommend this product for anyone and everyone, if you're just starting out using make-up then it is great because you don't have to spend your money on expensive items to see if you like it or not. Even if you are a massive make-up horder like myself then it is an amazing addition to your make-up bag, plus a complete bargain! I would definietly rate this a 10/10.

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Review / Primark's Eyebrow Pencil

Around a month ago I stumbled upon Primark’s Eyebrow Pencil and wondered if it would work for me, bearing in mind that it was only £1, I snatched it up while in the queue waiting to pay for my other purchase with hope that it would be the one for me.

I was excited to try it because the pencil it’s self was quite long plus the spoolie on the other end – Bonus! Unfortunately as soon as I applied it to fill in my eyebrows I noticed the thickness and clay-like texture it gave and I knew it wouldn’t be good for shading, I carried on to then find my eyebrows looking like slugs! Quickly I flipped it over and used the spoolie to brush out the product and hoped it would blend to give me a more natural look, but straight away I had an orange shadow around my eyebrow which meant I’d have to get my concealer back out to cover up the mess.

I have tried this product many ways and with other products as well, but nothing seemed to work. I find this product not very defining at all and just altogether made my eyebrows feel painted on and greasy. The fact that it was only £1 made me feel fine about giving up on a new purchase; I’d definitely say you get what you pay for. For those who read this and have this product, if it works for you then that is great and I envy you, it would be a life (and money) savour if this worked for me, but I think I will stick to my £10-£12 products!

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Review / Body Shops 'Flawless Finish Collection' Instablur and BB Cream.

Hey guys, its me again!
For a while now I have owned Body Shop's 'Flawless Finish Collection' Instablur and BB Cream and I feel like it's time to review it for you all.

First of all lets talk about Instablur -  it comes in a white tube which is good for travelling, the substance is clear and jelly-like, it applies very smoothly and is great for your t-zone! It is very effective and it does a good job at blocking up any open pores.

Moving onto the BB Cream - Unfortunetly I can not say this gives a full coverage, but on the other hand it is great for those hot, sweaty days and if you have a minimal make-up policy (example: school or work). It comes out of the tube as a white liquid, but after applying it onto your face the liquid changes to match your skin tone. The BB Cream is available in different shades and I got mine in the shade 01.

Overall I think they are great products but personally I prefer a full coverage. I will infact keep the products for those hot, sunny days!

The Instablur is £14 -
The BB Cream is £12 -

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Review / Artdeco's 'Eyebrow Pen'

As I walked into boots to pick up my beloved Soap & Glory 'Archery' brow pen, I was informed that boots had non in stock! I had waited months for my old Archery to run out so I could buy another, and I was in desperate need of a brow pen. I have attempted to use pencils in the past but i'm afraid my heart belongs to a pen.
So I wondered into Debenhams to see what I could find, as I stumbeled on Artdeco's stall to find myself buying their eyebrow pen. Asoon as I got home I finally finished the rest of my make-up!

I would definetly give the eyebrow pen a 10/10 as I feel it is just as good as the Soap & Glory's 'Archery' or even better. They make my eyebrows more defined and give a HD look.

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Review / Rimmle London's 'Wake Me Up' foundation and concealer.

Hi Guys!
Seeing as this is my first official blog post I thought I’d make it short and snappy.
Recently I have purchased Rimmel London’s ‘Wake me up’ foundation in the shade 103 ‘True Ivory’ and the matching concealer in the shade 'Classic Beige'.

I start off by covering any blemishes with the concealer and just blend it in with my finger; it provides a very satisfying coverage and cancels out any redness. Then I apply the foundation with a flat top foundation brush, I feel that the foundation is very easy to work with and gives an excellent coverage. The finish is very different to any previous foundations I have used as I usually go for a matt finish; on the other hand this foundation gives me a healthy duey glow. (Which I am now very fond of).

I will leave links below to the products from the boots website.

The concealer was  £5.49

Please check out a review I have done on both concealer and foundation on my youtube channel. 

If you have used this foundation please tell me what you think or comment your favourite foundation and concealer below!